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Covered Bridge
We are very excited to announce that the Friends of the Covered Bridge completed the construction of a replica of the Old Covered Bridge in Centeninial Park. A formal decidation ceremony was held July 4, 2004.

The Friends of the Covered Bridge continue to sell commemorative bricks, which will be used in the "Walkway of Memories." Bricks are $40 and are name-etched with the following restrictions:
1. Alpha characters only (no numbers)
2. Sixteen characters (including spaces) per line (2 lines are possible)
3. Quotation marks, parentheses, and dashes are the only special characters permitted on the bricks and are to be counted as characters for the total count

To sponsor a brick, make donations, or more information, please contact:
"Friends of the Covered Bridge"
Dennis Houk 826-7194

Visit the Covered Bridge Website

Phone: 660-826-4930 | Fax: 660-826-3044 | Cancellation Hotline: 660-826-1845 | Maintenance: 660-826-4932